Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To Clear any Confusion

 There was some early confusion about this service.  I am not paying to pick up, I am charging a transport fee to pick up at your location in Ft. Collins, Boulder or Longmont and deliver them to the BEST Ecycler in the state of Colorado.  They are in Aurora.  They safely remove personal information from hard drives guaranteed.  They are veteran owned and support people in the "system".  People who work there learn how to run a business and build or repair computers.  Please look in those dusty closets, garages and sheds.  Get a count and contact me.  I will help you clear out some of your clutter and free up some room.
I will pick up your old electronics. I don't do the recycling I just pick them up and deliver them to the recycle center. If you are like me you have old computers and tube type TVs sitting around and you think you will “do something” with them. Just contact me and for the prices listed below, I will come to you and get them out of your space.

1.Laptops or tablets $5
2.PC towers $10 each (discount for bulk)
3.Tube type monitors or TVs up to 20 inch $10 over 20 inch up to 36 inch $15. No rear projection or big screeen.
4.Cell phones, keyboards and mouse or other small (Clock radio sized or smaller) $3
5.Gaming consoles $5

All personal information on hard drives are guaranteed destroyed safe.

Contact me 303-817-4673 or nocoecycletransport@gmail.com